Welcome to Binah B'emet
" אַתָּה חונֵן לְאָדָם דַּעַת. וּמְלַמֵּד לֶאֱנושׁ בִּינָה"
"You show favor to a person of knowledge,
and You teach understanding to humanity"

Enlightened Jewish Education Program
for Pre-Kindergarten-7th Grade
bikkur holim preparations
Community engagement
Integrated Education
Global Judaism
Pathways to Tomorrow:
Creating Jewish futures through community

Our Vision

The vision for Binah includes

  • student-centered education – making the material relevant and connected to the students’ lives,  and giving students opportunities to delve into areas of study of interest to them.

  •  a realization that children learn in different ways, Binah is accessible to students with a variety of learning styles makes use of the latest technology as a tool to present materials in ways that will actively engage all learners.

  • extension beyond the traditional classroom to connect learning and living, studying and doing, resulting in the creation of a community of lifelong learners and active members who are excited, fulfilled, and purposeful in their Jewish journeys.